Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Yes! You no longer have to worry about finding a qualified Apple store to service your iMac or MacBook, Top Notch offers expert Mac computer repair services.

Yes! We offer expert PC repair services for desktop computers and laptops.

From IT & operational standpoints, yes. Data recoveries, yes. From a simple repair standpoint (smashed glass, liquid spills, etc.), we would likely refer you to a mobile device-specific shop, since that would be faster and more affordable.

4-7 business days for standard orders. In some rare cases, it can be longer; we’ll notify you if this is the case.

We know how frustrating it can be when your technology isn’t behaving the way it should. It is our intention for all phone calls during business hours to answered by a real person. It is also our intention to answer all email inquiries within 16 hours. If everyone is tied up at any given moment and you encounter the auto attendant, please leave a message and we’ll return your call promptly. Press 5 for emergencies to reach our on-call tech.

We are efficient, fair, and great at what we do. No catch.

When you do leave your machine with big box stores, they usually tell you to allow several weeks for the  repair. That’s because they’re outsourcing the job to computer repair experts like Top Notch. Then they still have to get their cut.

Upon quoting any service large or small, we genuinely believe we’re going to do the best job at the most affordable price. Top Notch has never had a sales department, because frankly, we haven’t really needed one. When we send somebody to your location to scope things out, it won’t be a salesman-it will be an experienced field engineer who is also trained on estimating. Extensive effort and research go into every estimate we produce. Our technicians’ time is valuable, and we do need to prioritize our existing clients (we hope you will become one!) and their cases, many of which are business and medically-critical situations. So we do charge our minimum service call rate for a site survey. As always, this fee is completely refunded should you choose to proceed with our recommended course of action.

Sometimes. If your issue is obvious and we have all of the model information we need, we’ll happily give you an accurate quote (it won’t always be exact.) On many occasions, we won’t know the cause of your issue until we diagnose the problem. We have found that very often, the customer is told one thing by a big box store or shop. After we have a chance to check it out, we find the problem is entirely different.

We’re not the only IT services firm whose repertoire spans the commercial and residential realms. We are, however, one of the only companies who enforces our standards of quality and professionalism equally across both. Residential house calls and simple repairs are how we got our start over 20 years ago, and we will never forget where we came from. Nor will we turn anybody down, whether they are loyal longtime clients or just becoming acquainted. Our clients can always rest assured we will send the best man/woman for the job, not a contractor, intern, or trainee.

Retaining our residential arm over a decade-long explosive growth phase has been a blessing, and has greatly assisted in propelling us to the rank of highest-volume IT provider in the state. We will never forget where we’ve come from, nor will we ever turn anybody down for service. No matter the size of your project scope, we are honored to be of assistance to your company, medical practice, or family at home.

Computers become “obsolete” by most standards within five years from their purchase date. What’s nice about most desktops is that they have a very generic design that is easy to work with and upgrade. A “rebuild,” or “remanufacture,” is where we overhaul your entire computer and replace only the obsolete equipment. This gives you the performance of a new PC for a much lower cost, plus retains your existing data, settings, and programs. The procedure usually costs a good deal less than a new PC and is a good option for retail and office machines. You can count on Top Notch for expert PC repair.

There are quite a few reasons. One is that we can probably repair your computer for a lot less than a comparable one costs new. Also, isn’t it always a pain to switch computers? You have all your stuff on your old one, much of which is expensive software that you lost the DVDs or product keys for a long time ago. Here’s another reason: What kind of computer do you get for $500? Think back to when you bought this computer – was it $500? Probably not, because you didn’t want to buy bottom-of-the-barrel obsolete technology. Lastly, you are doing your part for society and the environment: one less computer system in a landfill.