Computer Service & Repair

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Top Notch is a full-service IT firm. We will cover any needs and solve any problems you may have when it comes to computer repairs, new systems, and migrations. Regardless of your needs, we are here to help. What you can expect:

  • Networking & Printing Solutions
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Upgrades & Routine Maintenance
  • Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery
  • Computer Literacy Tutoring & Consulting
  • Data Recovery & Transfer

Work with a Top Notch Computers Specialist Today

If you’re a normal person, the best way to deal with computer problems is engage a reliable computer service. Computers are very complex and very sensitive-Attempting to effect repairs yourself often makes the initial problem worse; Leave it to the pros when it comes to the following:

Physical & Hardware Diagnostics

PCs consist of many different core components. The results of an equipment malfunction can vary from a minor inconvenience to a total loss. Working with Top Notch, our experts will be make a proper diagnosis and fix all of your problems.

Software Diagnostics & Tune-ups

Whether you need a new O.S., need to install some specific software, or you managed to become infected with viruses/malware, a Top Notch Computers specialist will handle things. surely be able to take care of the task. Our friendly team has all the necessary skills to address your needs.

Interested in a premium, comprehensive IT experience?

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Benefits of Trusting your Equipment to Our Qualified Engineers

Here’s a small list of benefits that you can expect:

  • Costs and turnaround times are reasonable, even by today’s standards
  • An ironclad Q/A process ensures problems are fixed right the first time
  • An extensive array of on-site and off-site services to help you even more
I wish I had known about Top Notch years ago. I have probably spent over $1,000 that didn’t need to be spent and junked 2-3 computers that didn’t need to be junked.
Tammy Baines

Top Notch – An Exceptional Computer Repair Service

Our dynamic team is the foundation for our company’s deserved exceptional reputation. They are truly your best option for PC and Mac diagnostics. But they are also trained on mastering the overall needs of your business and providing solutions.

Other core values which make us an exceptional computer repair service:


Competent assistance in 5 minutes or less” is our core brand promise. We’re not only experts in the field-we’re also excellent communicators. Clients can engage with us via whichever medium makes them the most comfortable: Phone, email, or our state of the art online request portal.

Pricing & Process

The discovery, repair, procurement, and handoff phases are all built around you, the customer. Our pricing model is extremely fair and straightforward; Client-facing areas are clean, comfortable & nicely appointed with locale and industry-specific art. Spending money never felt this good!


There is no comparison between the work that we do and what you would receive from a big box store, corporate chain, or strip mall repair shop. Our unbiased online reviews should be enough to convince you, but nothing beats experiencing us for yourself.

Ongoing Partnership

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and look forward to sailing through our next 20 with clients just like you at our side. Use us for new systems, repairs, routine maintenance, and all of your business needs.

Our service area covers two thirds of all Virginians and Marylanders.

Expect professional, personalized service from our computer repair company that the big guys just can’t match. On-site services and house calls available.

Our Process for Computer Repairs & Service:

Top Notch expert IT staff at work

  • Intake

Bring us your problems. And your sick computer :). We will document your issues and mate your machine to a technician.

  • Diagnosis

Once we know what you need, we reach out to obtain permission to proceed with the service.

  • Repair

Your repair, virus removal, or data recovery will be carefully carried out by one of our certified techs.

  • Quality Check & Pickup

We encourage clients to evaluate their machine after every service, to ensure everything is up to standards and they have a good understanding of the work. We offer a personal meeting with your technician in our conference enclave to better explain and assist.

Comprehensive Computer & IT Support

Regardless of your Mac or PC needs, you can be sure that our computer support team has the right solution:

Computer Diagnostics & Repairs

New, Used, Refurbished, & Custom PCs

Upgrades & Routine Maintenance

Computer Literacy Tutoring & Consulting

Networking & Printing Solutions

Virus & Spyware Removal

Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

Data Recovery & Transfer