Industry Specialties

Whether you are a business, medical practice, or other organization looking for an informed perspective on technology, there is something we can do for you. As one of the top managed IT service providers in the country, we offer the best in commercial IT support, managed services, remote access solutions, new system & equipment sales, VoIP telephony solutions, antivirus & spyware protection, and more.

We consider it an honor to constantly serve people who develop, construct, and test. From notable architects to aerospace engineers, we understand it is our responsibility to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Our premium hand-made production workstations are built to easily handle industry-leading 2D, 3D, and CFD software packages. All while outperforming big-name systems in terms of dependability and service life.

It is also our responsibility to keep you connected, protected, and confident in your abilities to fulfill obligations to clients. With the post-COV19 dynamic of the industry leaving much to chance, we provide a variety of locally and cloud-hosted remote access options for your local and remote workforce. Talent in this sector is frequently dispersed over multiple states and even nations. Remote and traveling personnel and consultants are given a platform to connect with the main office, as well as access to servers for expensive design software.

We are not limited to assisting small businesses with their IT. Supporting the needs of private schools and smaller universities has always been one of our core specialties. An institution may employ a local IT team and merely require assistance managing and sustaining infrastructure. In other circumstances, a complete backbone and help-desk service are required.

Every specialist on our team can keep your IT systems functioning smoothly by utilizing a combination of remote and on-site support. Our hybrid VoIP phone systems function well and save money for academic institutions of any size. Most organizations are also eligible for overall pricing discounts.

To properly meet the technology needs of health care professionals, various moving pieces must be mastered, as well as 24×7 assistance. It is a tricky balance to provide the tools needed to successfully run a busy practice while still appropriately securing your network and patient data. In addition to general technical training, our personnel obtain medical and dental-specific training. Many of our professionals are certified in HIPAA compliance for IT, in addition to their existing training & experience.

Our clients include family physicians, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, oral surgeons, pharmacies, and even hospitals, rendering us one of the most trusted managed IT service providers on the East Coast. We’re familiar with the majority of practice management software suites and x-ray interface equipment, and we know how to advocate for our clients and offer the emergency help they require when other providers give them the runaround.

Health care workers may be confident that they are in good hands, whether they are starting from zero or picking up where others left off. Our knowledge, experience, response times, and professional, caring manner of support are unparalleled, and we will model the same care you provide to your patients.

We got our start in the energy and industrial sectors, so we’re fairly accustomed to providing IT support to both large and small businesses. You can trust us to deliver whether it’s spanning various sites, repairs, office help desk support, or new equipment installs. Because we understand that downtime is the enemy of busy businesses, our installations include unparalleled dependability and redundancy.

We are additionally properly qualified and prepared to handle and preserve confidential material. Our premium hand-made production workstations are built to easily handle industry-leading industrial management suites. All while outperforming big-name systems in terms of dependability and service life.

We are pleased to provide computer sales and services to a number of law firms as well as financial and insurance brokerages. Supporting these businesses properly involves experience, prudence, and meticulous attention to detail.

Top Notch is one of the best-managed IT service providers in the area, and our team is highly trained and equipped when it comes to handling and preserving confidential material. When our technology management strategy is effectively implemented, clients can be confident that we are doing everything possible to secure their data from breaches and catastrophic loss with top antivirus and spyware protection. We are also well-versed in the most common company and government regulatory compliance methods, so consider us an expert resource whenever you require assistance.

Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and restaurants have extremely specific technical requirements. They also have the highest per-organization need for small business IT help.

Top Notch is up to the task, thanks to our experience with hotel management suites, POS software for F&B outlets, and CRM/sales software. Every member of our staff is also acquainted with the server and cloud platforms on which they operate. We also specialize in VoIP phone settings and guest WiFi networks, so by utilizing our 24×7 service, you may avoid costly fees to various suppliers.

There are many different kinds of non-profit and government organizations. Certain elements, however, are found across the full spectrum. For example, the difficult decisions that must be taken supply customers with the tools they require to execute their jobs while staying under budget. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have enterprise-level information systems that are scalable, dependable, secure, and locally maintained by some of the region’s top talent?

We’re here to help your cause—that’s why qualifying organizations are eligible for a 10% labor discount.

It’s our duty to keep you connected and protected.
Christian Argie, President