Why Top Notch?

Virginia’s Premier Choice for IT Support

Our Clients WIN

Here for You

Founded in 1999, we are, and will always be privately held and family-owned. Completely free from venture capital, private equity and outside interests, what’s best for our customers can truly be our first priority.

Here to Stay

Top Notch has weathered recessions, corporate smear campaigns, disease pandemics, and civil unrest standing tall. Partner with us, and rest assured we’ll be around to support your technology and stand behind our products for as long as you need us.

Professionals, not Geeks

Our in-house team of experienced and personable field engineers, consultants, office staff, and computer repair techs are qualified experts with the most up-to-date training available. We are always ready to assist, with a genuine passion for what we do.

Dependable Service Quality

Ask around. We do a good job. Your satisfaction, return business, and referrals are priceless to us. We treat you how we would like to be treated and offer warranties on all of our work.

Brand Promises

Competent Assistance in 5 Minutes or Less

Whether a technical or administrative matter, you will be working with the appropriate support or administrative personnel before the 5 minute mark, guaranteed.

Customer Success

Clients who implement OUR recommendations routinely outperform competitors who don’t. A proper technology posture and modern security controls will help you reach new heights, boosting and legitimizing the company’s valuation.

Our Managed Clients Don’t get Hacked

Over the last decade, we’ve completely overhauled our security stack based on deep data dives and ensuing analytics, industry standards, and relevant past experience. We are proudly accountable to those who heed our advice on data protection, organization & workflow, and information security.

Comprehensive IT Under One Roof

Our core competencies span more services offerings than any other tech firm you’ll find. When the right person to fill a role is missing, we locate and hire them. If a piece of technology we need to best serve our clients doesn’t exist, we invent it.

What Makes us Different?

Network support staff working on server wiring

1. Autonomy

Whatever the capacity of service, we are not beholden to any particular vendors. This includes software firms, equipment manufacturers, and SaaS platforms. Our loyalty is with you-when you win, so do we.

2. Leadership

Our leadership team, with zero exceptions, came from frontline IT service positions and worked their way to where they are. In leadership, knowledge of the subject matter is critical, and often differentiates actual, healthy companies from those driven by outsiders with an agenda.

3. Tools

While most MSP’s run directly to the same handful of vendors for customer management, workflows, and cybersecurity, our servicing and security stacks are designed by us from ground up.

 4. Flexibility

As a Top Notch client, you can request service YOUR way (in which you’re most comfortable)-Ticket portal, phone, or email. All requests will be lent the same level of attention.

I highly recommend TNC and Christian for anyone who has computer needs. FORGET overpaying for services that most likely will not work, I prefer to keep my business local, friendly and dependable!
Benjamin Bower

We’re your local computer repair shop, wherever you’re located.

Good tech help is hard to find, which is why we also offer a nationwide mail-in computer repair service for PCs and Macs (desktops, laptops, or tablets)!

Comprehensive Services from the Top IT Consulting Firm in Virginia and the United States

Peace of Mind

We’re full-service. Brainstorming and implementing easy, effective solutions to meet customers’ needs. Troubleshooting and solving problems. Equipment sales. Pickup & delivery service. Answering questions and making recommendations over lunch appointments. Fighting on your behalf to resolve issues with uncooperative service providers. These are just some of the things we do for our customers on a regular basis. We deal with clients of all technical backgrounds. If your computer literacy level is low, don’t worry—we really can take care of everything for you. That’s the Top Notch difference.

Fighting on your behalf to resolve issues with uncooperative service providers.

Fair and Affordable Pricing

You will save money by working with us. Retail outlets charge a fixed price for most repair services. You often end up paying too much for too little, or for hidden charges later when they realize your problem is worse than what they thought. Your opinion of us genuinely matters and so does your return business. That’s why we never lie, sell you things you don’t need, or take advantage of your situation. We do what’s best for you, not what will cost the most.

Our pricing system is straightforward and always results in the customer receiving the best possible value for any service. We also offer a best price guarantee on any given service, so you know without a doubt that you’re receiving the best deal.

We do Laptops & Macs

Most shops and retail stores just don’t have the equipment, resources, and training to accurately diagnose and repair laptop hardware problems. IT departments and corporate MSP’s try to exclude Apple products from their ecosystem due to the inconvenience it places on them. We specialize in these matters…there is almost never a need to outsource any of your equipment. This means lower prices and quicker turnaround times. Many people are under the impression that Apple retail stores are the only places that can service their systems. This isn’t true. We provide a full line of hardware and software services for Apple computers. It’s also important to know that having us perform maintenance and upgrades on your Mac will not void your warranty. Furthermore, we can make Apple computers thrive in a corporate or work-from-home environment.

Contact us today to discuss and price out your new system!

All of our systems are premium-grade and are always built and supported locally. All desktops come with a 2-year parts, 1-year labor warranty for no extra charge. Extended warranties are available for purchase.

Core Values


We’ve learned many things from over 20 years in the IT industry. Our 97% client retention rate for managed services doesn’t come by chance.


Decision makers, end users, and the general public alike shall be assisted in any capacity without judgment; Furthermore, a client or user’s personal identity shall lend no influence in their potential to leverage our offerings in any and all capacities.


When Top Notch Computers hires a new team member, expertise and experience are not the only traits we seek. Dedication and passion are required.


We are a technology firm but we prioritize clients and our world class staff above all else.We will positively impact our region as we build, scale, secure and manage information systems.