Affordable hourly rates with no hidden fees

Diagnostic Fee

$105 for Drop-Offs
$135 for Service Calls*

Covers estimate & first hour of labor on all services!

General Labor Rate

$115/hour for Drop-Offs
$135/hour for Service Calls*

* For service calls and on-site consultations, travel time from our offices will be billed at our general labor rate of $135/hour.

Emergency Rate


Service calls between 8PM-8AM weekdays, weekends, holidays, and during inclement weather.

Planned scheduled projects on nights and weekends will not be billed at the emergency rate.

Contractor Rate


When we work on another’s behalf.

We’re Different

Upon discovery of a nasty virus, many repair techs or corporate IT staff immediately resort to reformatting your hard drive. We fix the problem so you can keep all your data. When the other guys see a laptop fail to turn on, they are often quick to blame the motherboard (or on Macs, logic board), which is usually the most expensive component in a system. We diagnose the problem and fix it. The other guys charge flat fees for repairs and ding you with hidden charges later when other problems pop up. We charge a low, hourly rate for all services with no hidden fees.

Top Notch has Supra-fast service and the best prices anywhere. Knowledgeable, friendly, and always reliable. I endorse this business wherever I travel. Thanks again.
J. Pernell

Billing Policy

We appreciate your business! Cash, checks, and all major credit cards are accepted. Payment is due upon completion of a service.

Some clients may need to be billed for a service (or to bill a third party) instead of paying immediately upon completion. This requires a valid backup credit card under all circumstances, which may be authorized up to the transaction balance until payment by cash or check is received. Once 30 days passes from date of the invoice with no other payment, the credit card will be charged.

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.